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December 9, 2008

Quark vs. InDesign, the epic battle

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You MUST check out this website –> http://www.quarkvsindesign.com/

Everything from design program updates, instructions on how to use the programs, to the advantages each has over the other.

Perhaps the most hilarious part of this site, and something I think we can all appreciate, is the site’s history of the battle between the design programs. Beginning with the rise of PageMaker and Quark, the fight for the digital design king started. “The battle between PageMaker and Quark, each releasing new versions rapidly to trump its competitor with better creative and production features, was fierce. And, the Desktop Publishing War claimed many casualties.”

However, sloppy coding and programming mistakes caused PageMaker to lose footing. However, “since winning the War, Quark had become over confident and complacent. It was ubiquitous, a mandatory tool in design and print production. It was king of every hill, and, without PageMaker at its hip, clawing for the throne, Quark’s pace of rapid innovation slowed and all but ceased. ”

It wasn’t over yet. “While Quark was resting on its laurels, Adobe was quietly building its secret weapon, the real reason Adobe purchased Aldus. ”

Quark’s reign may soon come to an end. “For many years Quark was sedentary, a sleeping giant atop its cloud-high hill. Now its hill is terribly eroded, the bulk of the mass having been torn out and molded into a new hill beneath InDesign’s rising throne. Though slow to wake over the last few years, the teetering has finally roused the giant.”

“Now there is a new challenger to Quark’s absolute supremacy of the world’s printed communications. The newcomer is a sleek, nimble, and sexy challenger quickly building itself into a trendy lovemark. Quark, however, is an established, powerful juggernaut in whose way no previous challenger has long stood.”

“Desktop Publishing War II will be far, far more bloody than the first.”

SO hilarious! The site has so much content it would be impossible to encompass it all on here. Check out the site, definitely a must for anyone really interested in design.

-Kristen Majewski


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